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We set out to have the highest standards in Thailand. To achieve this we adopt an “International Philosophy” to our training ideas and apply them to young and old alike.  The success of these ideas is self evident by the results achieved and many have experienced this top quality training already.  (All have Day/Night options and we have Rain Covered Nets/Training area as well.)


We have Advanced Coaching Clinics for the Young and the Old. Either 1 on 1 sessions or in small intensive groups.  8-13yrs Clinics Sundays 8:30-10:30am 2hrs 1,000B or 5×2 hrs for 4,000B  (5-7yrs 11:00 to 12:00 500b or 5×1 hr 2,000B) (Fees inc. all specialised coaching equipment and coach). 

NOTE if attending the Clinics get a discount off the 1-1 Block e.g. 10hrs Block saves 1,000B if attending r 5x2hrs Clinics.

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We offer  Adult 1on1 or Team sessions using our coaching equipment Combo Nets & Grass Training area. This can be for a 1or2 or for Team, training, practice we also offer Internationaly Qualified Coaches & (video anlaysis)>>>

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The International Philosopy Coaching can be tailored so as to accommodate 1 to 1 or 1-2  where we have Block Booking Rates 10hr,20hr,30hr,50hr. …See Rates Card

” A  National Player’s cry for Help!… we were asked to help a batsman who needed to deal with higher level bowling so he could maintain his local high strike rate …We are happy to report he has made major  improvements already.  His quotes inc. “Sarg the only one to recognise my faults using video analysis…”  “A top coach and a top guy many thanks…”  “Can not wait to use him again and would suggest you give him a try…”  Video Link>>> 

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An overseas Success Story for the An overseas Success Story for the Academy ”Sebastian Morgan”

“Sebastian was a visiting player from  England”  and his parents brought him for some intensive advanced coaching. with a focus on batting. 

We are please to see the great progress he has made with this amazing achievement of 170 runs for an UNDER 11 year player.  we hope he goes on to do great things.

Father Scott said about CRICDEVAC’s and Coach Sarg  …”A fantastic experience    … I thoroughly recommend him to take your cricket to another level “

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