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Cage Cricket TAPE-Ball  World Cup Rules…

Using our  Grass Caged Cricket Arena  we have  created this FUN for ALL Cricket Format using an International  Famous TAPE-Ball as used in various format around the WORLD from STREET,  BACKYARD , CALYPSO, even WORLD TAPE-Ball

We have all the Rules, Scoring, Special Balls, Equipment to allow teams of 6 or 8 to play .

The TAPE-Ball allows this fast fun  game to be played without the need for extreme protection and is a great format to allow Young and  Old to compete  within the same environment.

For those  not familiar the ball is a regular tennis ball  specially wrapped  in a crisscross  way to provide a balls that is heavier and provides great swing capabilities.

We use the rules which are based on the full  World Indoor Rules for this game with a Doubles which mean all all involved  and Pairs score against opposition pairs Very Fast and Strategy based  cricket format.

 We have all the scoring online templates and sheets  inc Live  e-Scoreboard

(ask about costs) for hosting your event )

(PRO-Ball Overview & Rules link) 


(PRO-Ball  Full World Rules link)


Cage Cricket Pro-Tape-Ball   SCHOOL’S CUP…




PRO-Ball Overview & Rules link) 


Nat West Tape-Ball Cricket VIDEO Overview     Tape-Ball 6 hitters VIDEO Link


Invites you to add the International sport of Cricket to your school’s sports coverage by making it easy to get involved in. We organise you just turn up.  

If your School has a want to be involved in Cricket please email your interest (see below)

We have wide experience in hosting Cage Cricket including the recent International Embassy Cup. Our Day/Night Grass arena is in Bangkok (BangNa BTS)  on the Sukhumvit Road Google  Maps cricdevac

We use the World Cup International Rules with a PAIRS format so the whole team have to contribute evenly. Full Rules can be forwarded later after we get your feedback on possible interest in finding 6/8 Players to participate.

No equipment is needed unless you want your team’s own Bats etc but protective equipment is optional due to the softer ball being used

Email  tapeball@cricdevac.com  or Tel/Whatsapp +66 870302333



…Cage Cricket Pro-Tape-Ball  School’s Cup Series 1

N.B. Click on <s1G1>etc for Details of Each Team’s Innings

<s1g1>  CricDevAc Tigers  cc v  M.I.S.B.  cc (10:00- 14-Oct18 Sun) (Or  T1 v T2)

<s1g2> M.I.S.B.  cc v  CricDevac Lions cc  (10:45-14Oct18 Sun)  (Or T3 v T4)

<s1g3> CricDevac Lions v CricDevac Tigers cc  (11:30-14Oct18 Sun)  (Or 2 Loosers)

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