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”We have a range of Rain Covered   Day/Night Facilities for Hire inc 2 Covered Nets 1xGrass Caged Pitch, Pro 99mph 160kph Bowling m/cs, Qualified Coaches, Kit Rental, Competitions and mix-in

Coaching sessions for Adult teams  & youngsters

Young Cricketers Session  “Our International Philosophy Cricket Coaching Clinics”  are  Sunday Mornings 10to13yrs group 8:30am for 2hrs@5,000B per month  & 5to9yrs group 11:00am for 1hr@2500 per month

“1-1  Coaching  Blocks”  1-1 10hr 11,000 20hr 18.000 30hr 25,000 50hr 36,000

“1-2 Coaching  Blocks” 1-1 10hr 13,000 20hr 22.000 30hr 30,000 50hr 43,000

Nets and Ground Facilities Rates

“Nets 1 off  Bookings” 1 rain covered nets 1hr 1200 …1 x 2hrs sessions 1,500B =750B p net hr

“Nets 1 off Bookings” 2 rain covered nets 1hr 1500 …1 x 2hrs sessions 2,100B =525B p net hr

…Note: “Lights usage” usually from 18:00, extra for Nets Lights 100B per hr

“Nets Booking Blocks” 3mths to use) 2 rain covered nets……  Daylight Hours  10hrs (6,000B =300B p net hr   …also for 20hr 11,000 30hr  14,500 & 50hr 20,000 …… Night Hours Rates after 18:00 Including Lights 10hrs (7,000B =300B p net hr   …also for 20hr 13,000 30hr  17,500 & 50hr 25,000

“Ground Rent  1 off Booking” Cage Cricket Ground  1hr 1200  1 x 2hrs sessions 1,800B =900B p.hr

…Note: “Lights usage” usually from 18:00 extra fee for Ground  Lights 200B per hr 

“Ground Booking Blocks”  3mths to use) Cage Cricket Ground ……   Daylight Hours 10hrs (8,000B =800B p net hr …also  for 20hr 13,000, 30hr  17,000 & 50hr 22,000  …… Night Hours Rates after 18:00 Including Lights 10hrs (10,000B =1,000B p net hr …also  for 20hr 17,000, 30hr  23,000 & 50hr 32,000 

“Combo Nets & Ground Rent  1 off Booking” 1+1=2hr 1 off = 750+900 = 1650B Block Combo 5x2hr 10hrs 8000+6000= 14000/2 =7000B

…Note: “Lights usage” usually from 18:00, extra Nets 100B per hr, Ground  200B per hr 

…Note:  “Pro Bola m/c 99mph”  optional free auto-feeder and balls extra to Net fee+250B per hr 

… “Bucket Bash Pro Bola m/c ” 25ball Buckets inc Net lane & optional free auto-feeder  300B = 1 Bucket(25balls) 700B = 3 Buckets(75balls)  1,000B = 5 Buckets(25balls) 

…Notes (A) To reserve a Booking pre-pay by Money Transfer to Bangkok Bank A/C 0093702033 K.C. Bhamuvani (NO C

ASH) …(B)  36hrs Notice to cancel or 50% Cancellation fee  


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