Bola Bucket Bash


” Bola Bucket  Bash “BBB Challenge Ladder”…

Calling All Cricketers are you Bangkok’s TOP DOG?  Who will score the highest runs in our BBB Challenge  “the race is on 12 20 36 45 runs score as examples.  Various Speed Levels,  Top 3 Prizes for grabs, 3 warm up Balls and then 24 challenge balls Fed by the world’s No 1 Professional Bowling Machine

( Pro Bola as used Internationals, IPL & Mumbai SMAAASH Video Wall) 

Fee is for the Ground & a 4 over Bucket. 250B per BASH (200B + 50B for Prize fund)

Registration form (see Email link or  Entry form to register see below)

Then we will set some Time Slots and inform you for you all to come and give it a go

What People are saying so far…

“So realistic like real cricket games…    ” More Entertaining than Net Practice…     “Less Time Consuming…    “Less Costly…    “Full on Practice with Fun…

We have been seeing how we can have a BIG BASH type league to find out the biggest hitters in Bangkok.

So here it is the ‘BOLA BUCKET  BASH”  you face a bucket of 24 balls ,set at a drive-able length, from the Worlds Number 1  Professional  BOLA Bowling Machine (free  hits No Outs)




(Div 4 55mph Div3 60mph Div2 65mph Div1 70mph)  (88-97-105-113kmph)

N.B. Start at a Lower  Speed and move up after due to Static Bowling Machines are at least 10% quicker to the Eye)

We record the Cage Cricket  Boundary target scores  for the Bucket and the Best Over for the  Various Prize winning  Speed Challenge Ladders .

Where will you end up in the mix of batters in  who will be the top 3 and who will be TOP DOG  see video demos below and see how much fun it is

also (see email below or  Entry form to register for updates)

“will YOU be a Top Dog Basher…

“What Speed  Dare You Go…

(see BBB  ladders LINK)

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” or Are you a Cricket Fan…

“Just want to ‘Have a Go’ at Batting…

No Need to find a TEAM, No Need to be COMMITTED, No Need to have Equipment, No Need to worry about ability, No Need to spend a fortune….  Just come and have a Bash  with the Bat  against our Professional BOLA Bowling machine set to your speed  and experience that Cricket Thrill again. 

Great for those keen but never find the time to  try Cricket again.  Young or Old  just Book a Net and  + the Pro BOLA @250B ph  then just and turn up and enjoy, maybe share with a few friends a great way to have fun and some exercise.  All the equipment is here for you and is all included.

 (enquire to  Email link  or book now e-Booking)


“+250B Bola Pro Grade up to99mph (160kmph)…

We have  not  1 but 2 Internationally  Pro Grade BOLA machines with Auto feeder these are a great way to get good batting practice (no wides)   This delivers Pace at required line and lengths, In&Out Swing,  even spin bowling possible. 
Try out Bola Bucket Bash  rent a Lane and the Machine for only 250B top up  for an hour’s net and do some serious batting practice or share with friends  and have some fun  Have as many overs as you can in the hour.  Find  out what  various bowling speeds are really like.


“What Speed  Dare You Go…

Recommended by James Taylor England Batsman & Selector   

Used by India’s  famous SMAAASH virtual m/c