ELITE Cage Cricket

ELITE Cage Cricket…



Based on World Indoor Cup Rules 

We have a Grass Caged Cricket Arena  which is similar to the Inner  Power Play circle  in limited overs cricket.  This is an idea Arena to play Conventional Cricket rules (with  special boundary  scores) .  This is  normally played with a Regular Hard Ball  using full protection (Soft Ball Option) .  The length of the game can vary to suit the timings required say  (normally 12  overs).   This is a great way to simulate full  grade cricket in an enclosed environment and is often used as a Training exercise for many competitive clubs in Bangkok. We based the rules on the the Indoor World Cup Rules suitably varied 

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Latest Series:——————————–

 Cage Cricket ELITE (series 4)

 Kerala Flood Relief Super 8s  S4

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KRS8s Special One Time  Rules <CLICK>


Fixtures & Results  Elite (series 4)<CLICK>

e-Score Cards Elite (series 4) click below

n.b.  Captains Arrive 30 mins before start times to enter team sheets to avoid penalties

<s3g1> Southerners cc v  Bangkok Juniors cc (10:00-25Aug18  Sat)

<s3g2> Trail Blazers cc v Family cc  (11:00-25Aug18 Sat) 

<s3g3> Cup S/F1 Southerners cc v Trail Blazers cc  (12:00-25Aug18 Sat) 

<s3g4> Bowl S/F1  Bangkok Juniors 1 cc v B1vB2  Losers  (10:00-01Sep18 Sat) 

<s3g5> Pakistan Royals cc v  Kerala Strikers cc (11:00-01Sep18  Sat)

<s3g6> Walk Over No Show Teams  (11:00-02Sep18  Sun)

<s3g7> Bowl S/F2 C1vC2 Losers v D1vD2 Losers (12:00-02Sep18  Sun)

<s3g8> Cup Final SuperBoys cc v TrailBlazer cc (15:30-02Sep18  Sun) Trailblazer Win

<s3g9> Spoon  Final Bangkok Junior cc s v  Family cc (17:00-02SEP18  Sun) Bangkok Junior cc win

<s3g10> Plate Final  Southerners cc v SuperBoys cc (18:00-02Sep18  Sun)



Past Series:——————————–

Cage Cricket ELITE (series 3)

Rules Series 3 DOC

Rules Series 3 PDF

Fixtures & Results  Elite (series 3 )<CLICK>

e-Score Cards Elite (series 3) click below

n.b.  Captains Arrive 30 mins before start times to enter team sheets to avoid penalties

<s3g1> Dheeran cc v Trail Blazers cc (14:00 15Jul18  Sun)

<s3g2> Dheeran cc v SuperBoys cc  (15:30 15Jul18  Sun)

<s3g3> SuperBoys cc v Trail Blazers cc (17:00 15Jul18 Sun)

<s3g4> Bangkok cc v Trail Blazers cc (13:00  21Jul18 Sat)

<s3g5> SuperGuys cc  v Trail Blazers cc  (14:30 21Jul18 Sat)

<s3g6> SuperGuys v Bangkok cc (16:30 21Jul18 Sat)

<s3g7> SuperGuys v Dheeran cc (13:00 22Jul18 Sun)

<s3g8> Bangkok cc v Dheeran cc (13:00  05aug18 Sun)

<s3g9> Bangkok cc  v SuperBoys cc (14:30 05Aug18 Sun)

<s3g10> SuperGuys v SuperBoys  cc (16:00 05Aug18 Sun)

<s3g11> SuperBoys v Bangkok cc  Knock-Out (13:00 12aug18 Sun)

<s3g12> TrailBlazers v SuperBoys cc  or Bangkok cc  cc (13:00  19aug18 Sun)


Cage Cricket  ELITE (Series 2) 


 ELITE (series 2) DEC-17<CLICK>


Cage Cricket ELITE (Series 1) 

 ELITE  (series1)  SEP-17<CLICK>

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