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Cage Cricket  PROball/FIREball World Cup Rules…

Using our  Grass Caged Cricket Arena  we have  created this FUN for ALL 6or8 player  Format  using a full  PROball which use a normal Regular weight Cricket Ball or  optionally yo can use an International World Cup Indoor leather FIREball .  This allows for regular protection or more relaxed protection for the indoor  leather ball.

The LEATHER  INDOOR World Cup  FIREBALL  for a Fun  for ALL game format of cricket .  This ball has all the feel, seam  and makeup of  a full ball but is lighter and allows for less protection to be used if required.


We have all the Rules, Scoring, Special Balls, Equipment to allow teams (Normally 8’/6s)’ to play .

This Format allows for ALL players to be part of the result Batting in pairs for a given number of overs,  

We have all the Rules, Scoring, Equipment to allow teams  of normally 8  or 6  to play . We use the International Semi-Hard leather ball so that players can play with the minimum of protective gear.  It is also possible to play this with a  Regular Hard  ball to experience full  on cricket in an inner fielding circle .

Unlike regular Cricket It is a fast  and furious format which provides  lots of Fun for  Corporate Days,  Social Networking events as well as full on serious competitions.   Every player feels party to the result and is never lost or won  before the last ball is played

It  is based on ALL players having to contribute to the performance and  is based on  pairs of batters facing a full 3 overs .  Each Pair has the chance to win a point for the head to head SKIN point although the team get 3 overall WIN points. 

The Game uses the INTERNATIONAL GRADE format of Cricket used in the  Indoor WORLD CUP .  This format is  competitive  and  the Rules are tried and tested  over the years. 

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 Cage Cricket FIREball  BANGKOK EMBASSY CUP (Tri-Nation Day Event)



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